Explain what are backlinks - backlink and know its benefits in creating internal and external links to your site and its importance in speeding up archiving and gaining search engine confidence for a strong page ranking and its harmful effects in blocking your blog when you publish a lot of your links in comments and forums

Definition of backlinks?
Backlinks Backlinks, in short, are links to your site that come from other sites that visitors come to you through, and these links are called external links, meaning that they come from outside your site or blog, and the more external links, the stronger your site is in search engines, especially Google, There is also an internal link link, which is the internal links that you put in your posts regarding other topics of the topics that have been included before, that is, from within the same site or blog. .

What is the importance of backlinks?
Backlinks are considered one of the most important factors that control the ranking of the pagerank of your site and the order of your blog on the Alexa site is lowered, and also make search engine spiders move to your blog, which is the important thing, because when updating the site data, search engines find links to your site in a large number From the sites, including search engines, give confidence to your site and make your blog topics swiftly, especially backlinks, Dufolo, whenever it is better for your blog to appear in large first page results.


What are the types of backlinks?
There are two types of backlinks:
1 - A type called do follow:
These links allow search engine spiders to visit your site when placed on other sites, and this increases the power of your site and the power of archiving your topics in the search engines.
Example of Do-follow link
Google Twins

2- A type called No followed:
Such links that contain the tag "not followed", this tag prevents search engine spiders from accessing your site, as it is approved by many sites and forums so that links to the sites placed in their participation are not tracked.
 It only allows visitors to enter it, but not all websites prevent it.
Example of a nu follow
Google Twins

How can I get backlinks for my website or blog?
There are many ways and tricks to get backlinks to your site:
First: Adding internal links to your site's topics:
Which is to place links to similar topics in your new topics to old topics

Second: Working with external links: One of the most important ways in which external links are put
Comments: It is one of the most popular ways to bring strong links to your site where you put a comment on one of the topics similar to the topics of your blog and the comment includes the link of your site, the problem became after recent updates to the search engine algorithms the effect of this method is not very useful.

- Your profile on sites: This method is used when registering in any forum or site that puts in your profile information the link of your site in the place provided for it, and also in your signature that appears at the bottom of your posts in those forums. .

- Social networking pages: such as Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus because they really give your site power and bring you visitors, so do not spare part of your time to publish your site and your topics on the communication pages.

- Ad exchange: Ad exchange is the safe way to clean the backlinks to your site, as links are exchanged between blogs that contain the same content and this is the way in which visitors are exchanged between them. .

What are the disadvantages of backlinks on your site?
Backlinks are harmful. If you create hundreds of backlinks in minutes, even if they are of high quality, you will lose Google's trust in your site and think the links are spam. The search engine can permanently block the results of your site, so it is better to post different links than links. Your site's topics are in the range of 5-10 links per day.
You should also make sure of the sites that your links have been published on, as if these sites are malicious or in the blocked list by the search engine, this will negatively affect your site.


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